The impact of emerging technologies might prove to be an inflection point in human history that will continually affect virtually all aspects of society over the coming decades. Under these conditions, AI is the linchpin accelerating and amplifying the development of all fields of research. With the rapid advancement of machine learning in recent years, the governance of artificial intelligence has gradually come under the spotlight. It was once possible to keep track of all the research institutes, conferences and policy developments in artificial intelligence. Yet in 2019, this became an arduous task for researchers and policymakers.

To separate the signal from the noise for interested stakeholders, we invited some world-renowned experts to review the progress in AI governance over 2019.

About the report

The report was contributed by 50 experts from 44 institutions, including AI scientists, academic researchers, industry representatives, policy experts, and others. This group of experts covers a wide range of regional developments and perspectives, including those in the United States, Europe and Asia. For a full list of contributors, see the report (English version / 中文版).


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